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When a Conference Organiser, Entertainment’s Manager, or Theatrical Agent have to book a band who have had hit records, they are given numerous bands to choose from. It is the same when choosing a Comedian or Comedy band.

At the top of both of these lists is the Ivy League.

The Ivy League are equally at home at a Sixties Festival, as they are at a comedy festival, perhaps this goes part of the way to explaining why they are the most worked Comedy Showband in the United Kingdom. A more realistic reason for this though is that they are an exceptionally talented band, with the unique ability to merge both song and comedy in a tightly choreographed show.

The Ivy League had hit records with:
'Tossing and Turning', 'Funny How Love Can Be', and 'Thats Why I’m Crying'.

The Ivy League's unique falsetto vocal sound blended with superb harmonies are an added feature of the show as the Ivy League reproduce their hits with some favourites both old and new.

The Comedy comprises Dave's zany antics and comedy routines. Unlike most Comedy Showbands the Ivy League are constantly updating not only the songs performed but the show's comedy content, keeping the act fresh. It is because of this that venues have them back year after year, enjoying a different show each time

The Ivy League are : John Brennan - bass, vocals. Michael Brice - guitar, vocal Dave Buckley - drums, vocals

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