Ellen MacArthur


Dame Ellen  MacArthur is a highly prized conference keynote speaker.   Having conquered the sea, sailing single-handed around the world in record time, Ellen has earned the nation's heart and is one of the best-loved personalities of our time.  Ellen's charasmatic personality, inspirational story, amazing achievements, and excellent speaking ability make her a highly prized speaker.  


Ellen MacArthur as Conference Speaker

Known for her steely ambition, professionalism and unfaltering determination to succeed, Ellen's story is not just about sailing, but one of human endeavour! Ellen MacArthur's approach to life - her innovative thinking, the goals she sets herself and her continual success overcoming countless challenges, inspires audiences to make their innermost dreams come true!

Ellen is inspirational and motivational and breaks down barriers, encouraging the audience to achieve their goals with her stories of living the dream, overcoming incredible difficulties, digging deep into her emotional reserves, and finally achieving the impossible.

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