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When Roy Orbison died in 1988, it was left to others to bring his music to the concert stage. No easy task. But Barry Steele comes with very good credentials and a genuine admiration of the Big O. Just imagine it is the 30th of September 1987 and Roy Orbison is in the Coconut Grove Nightclub in Los Angeles recording the sensational Black and White Night.

Relive this golden evening as Barry Steele effortlessly transports you back to what was arguably one of Roy Orbison’s greatest performances. Often accused of Miming, Barry often has to sing accapella or change the words in songs to convince audiences that it is indeed his voice and not The Big O himself.
Barry Steele has toured extensively across the UK and New Zealand, he is currently touring the UK in the hit show "Rockin on Heavens Door." to rave reviews, He has been described by the 'Stage' Newspaper as "Brilliant" and that "Barry Steele performs like Roy Orbison nailed to the floor, True identikit brilliance".
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Barry is available for hire with playback or his own band "The BWK BAND" or in the "Roy Orbison and The Complete Beatles Live in Concert".
He also performs with Garry Slade in their show "Coast to Coast Legends".

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