Bev Bevan's Zing Band

Bev Bevan's Zing Band
On A Break

Bev Bevan’s Zing Band with Special Guest Vocalist Geoff Turton

Known to millions as the drummer behind ELO and The Move, Bev and his band have in recent years been wowing audiences throughout the land on the sell out Stand Up & Rock and Made In Brum concerts.

Tonight they take over and are joined by their good friend Rockin Berries lead singer Geoff Turton. The night will be full of fantastic hit records that have rocked the top of the charts!!

Bev’s Zing Band are wonderful keyboard vocalist Abby Brant (Quill), bass/vocalist Phil Tree (Roy Wood) and guitar hero Tony Kelsey (Robert Plant/Steve Linwood/Quill).

With support coming from the super Ricky Cool & The In Crowd this promises to be one heck of a night!

Venues & Dates

  • 3 January No Venue

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