One of the most outstanding guitar duos in the UK. EZIO (Ezio Lunedei and Booga) return to the UK.

From ‘Black Boots On Latin Feet’ to ‘This Is The Day’ Ezio’s music has been described as latin, alternative country and yet very English songwriting. Songs that reach deep into the heart and take you on a journey through your own life and feelings.

With their 6th studio album ‘This Is The Day’ due for release in 2011 they were once tagged as Tony Blair’s favourite band, but Ezio are so much more. A huge success story in mainland Europe spending a good majority of their time touring Germany, Belgium, Spain, etc (when Booga is not out playing in Dizzee Rascal’s band – a complete departure from Ezio but showcasing his talent). They have had chart success at home and around the globe in places as far afield as Thailand.

It is though, without doubt, their live performances that electrify audiences and are a must attend event. Alongside Ezio’s musings on life and the world outside is the music and musicianship of two truly talented guitarists and performers that are in complete harmony of the genius of each other.

Listen to their music, be overcome by the live concert.

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