The Moody Blues John Lodge

September 2016

John Lodge 

The Moody Blues' John Lodge, bass guitarist and vocalist, was born in Birmingham, England. John bought his first guitar when he was 13, spent 2 years understanding the guitar and then with Ray Thomas formed a band with the wonderful name 'El Riot & the Rebels'.  John’s love of bass playing came from listening to the riffs on early rock 'n' roll recordings and exploring why they added a huge dimension to the rhythm, energy and emotion of music. 

When he was 16 he bought his beloved Fender Precision Sunburst Bass.  John played this bass guitar on 'Nights in White Satin', ‘I’m Just A Singer In A Rock ’n' Roll Band’ and 'Isn't Life Strange?’ - indeed most of the songs recorded by the Moody Blues.  These are just some of the tunes John performs with his new band on his first ever solo tour. 

In the last 12 months John has released his second solo album entitled ’10,000 Light Years Ago’.  His first solo album was released 38 years ago in 1977.  John is quick to point out with a smile that he has been busy with his other band The Moody Blues and has planted a vineyard!

Following his first gig of this tour - an outdoor show at Kilworth House - John remarked how "the night was a wonderfully special and intimate concert.   It was very personal and it was great to see the audience be a part of that whole experience.  Both the band and I were overwhelmed by the audience’s response.  We cannot wait for the main part of the tour to start in September."

Joining John on stage are long time collaborators Alan Hewitt (keyboards), Gordon Marshall (drums) Norda Mullen (flute/acoustic guitar) from the Moody Blues touring band and Gemma Johnson (cello) and Tim Maple (lead guitar).

After selling over 70 million albums and recieving many awards from the ASCAP (American Society Of Composers & Publishers), winning a Soundtrack Of The Year Award, been voted one of the 10 most influential bass players on the planet and winning an Ivor Novello Aware, John was extremely proud when  the song ‘In My Mind’ from his new album was nominated 'Rock Anthem of the Year' by Prog Magazine.   “Well, you go into a room with an idea and then some months later to have that idea/song recognised and rewarded gives you a real buzz …  and to be able to take it on the road and perform it live really is a massive thrill’. 

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